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Who are we looking for?

We are looking for hard working individual’s who have strong communication skills, and the ability to work well in a team. All the positions we have available involve communicating in some way with other departments in our company, so it is essential that you can work well with others and communicate ideas clearly.
You will also need to have good organisational skills to ensure your tasks are completed on time as to not hinder the rest of the team.
At Serenity, we pride ourselves in having a fantastic workforce, full of enthusiastic individual’s who are passionate about their role, we would love for you to join us!

Available Job Opportunities

Supply chain operator/ transport management

This role is mostly work in the warehouse; you will be under the supervision of the director of Serenity Garden Rooms. There will be a lot of work around stock control, adjusting stock levels after each order had been completed and general upkeep of the warehouse. Full training will be given throughout your apprenticeship, so no previous experience is needed.

Most of the work included in this role will be warehouse work/Management. This will include general care of the warehouse like cleaning and keeping the space tidy. It will also include driving forklift trucks. You will be expected to manage health and safety in the warehouse, making sure the appropriate signage is displayed. Risk assessments and safety plans will be designed and used by you and the rest of the team throughout the warehouse. We use a lot of tools and different machinery to build our garden rooms and keep our warehouse organised, you will be expected to manage the upkeep/ maintenance of these tools and machines. Each time they are checked a record will need to be keep for this, so it is essential that you are confident at keep records and staying organised. Daily checks on the vehicles (non-mechanical) will be one of your daily tasks. You will need to understand record keeping of vehicle thorough examination certificates. During the time you are employed with us, we will help you to complete training for transport management. You must have some good understanding of LOLER regulations.

Software/network developer

This role is mostly work in the offices above our warehouse. The role will mainly include the maintenance of our website and mobile phone app, whilst also managing the network throughout our offices. Throughout your apprenticeship you be work closely with our existing team to learn the ropes of our company, so no previous experience is required. Most of the work included in this role will be office based. You will be required to perform app/website maintenance, learning all the aspects of our existing app/website and making any necessary changes to ensure the functionality of each is as good as it can be. If you have previous experience with coding, then you will be able to make these changes yourself. However, if you haven’t had any pervious experiences, you will be expected to work with a graphic designer to complete these changes. You will need to write up bug reports with any mistakes you find.

You will also be our in office technical support, taking calls from our customers if they have any concerns about the website or app. We will also need you to oversee in-house networks, making sure that all the laptops are connected and testing CAT6 cables regularly. We will also ask you to install and monitor cctv in and around our factory.

There is also opportunity for future software development, this will include, writing a stock/sale and supply inventory for our warehouse team to use when picking and packing orders. You will also get taught how to produce a schematic production software and be able to link existing systems to quantity survey.

How to apply

Email/ phone call

Email us on or call us on 07977883344 to arrange an interview

West Nottinghamshire College

See their apprenticeship page for details and to start their application process.

EMA Training

See their website for more details on the role and to start their application process.

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