The Build Process

It will take our team between 1 and 2 weeks to complete your build, this includes laying the base if necessary, having all materials delivered, erecting the building and finishing off inside and out.
The smaller buildings are usually completed in 5 days and a little longer for the larger ones.
Here is a rough outline of the day-by-day stages of a small build:

Day 1

We will bring the materials and tools to the site, construct the base lay the insulation and construct the floor covering. Then the base will be weather proofed over night.

Day 2

The wall frames are constructed and screwed into position, the roof beams are fitted and then the roof itself is laid. The building will be wrapped with breathable waterproof membrane.

Day 3

Today you will see the building start to come alive as the Western Red Cedar is installed, windows and doors fitted, wall and roof insulation is fitted and the wiring for all electrics. Not to mention the rubber roof and stylish fascias which define the building.

Day 4

The inside of the build will be plaster-boarded, then skimmed with thistle multi-finish plaster and the second fix stage of the electrical installation will be completed.

Day 5

Your building will be finished all of the beading and trims will be fitted including skirting boards. Your electrical installation will be tested and a certificate will be sent within a few days via email, your electrical installation will also be notified to building control.

Day 6

And after a short spell of work from our skilled craftsmen, this will be the first day of many to be enjoyed in your new dream garden room. Time to bring the furniture in and apply your own finishing touches.

Voila - style, sophistication and practicality, your dream garden room built with sheer excellence at the right price.

We offer a wide range of extras which can include laminate flooring, under floor heating, data cabling, HDMI cabling, decking, lighting, partition walls, internal doors, shed space, cloaked shed doors, skirting boards, outdoor taps, main consumer unit upgrade, fencing, water butt, garage electrics, sound proofing, decking lights, pir lights, outdoor sockets, glass balcony's with LED illumination, integral blinds.
Serenity Garden Rooms also offer a Sedum roof. A Sedum roof is one of many types of green roof's also known as living roof's. A layer of vegetation or living plants is what makes up a green roof. This is deliberately installed on top of a conventional roof to add a number of benefits to the building and environment. One of the many benefits is how pleasant it looks, a range of plants can produce very pleasing results. They also provide excellent microclimates for insects, birds and possibly rare species. A green roof will also contribute to the insulation properties of your building as well as prolonging the life span of the water proof membrane at the base of the roof. Needless to say that with additional insulation, the sound proofing quality of the build with also increase. Lastly, the environment benefits from cleaner air and rain water running off the building through the filtering properties of the plants.
Rooms can be used as an art studio, music studio, tanning studio, hair salon, children's play room, games room, man cave, mum cave, stylish summerhouse, physiotherapy room, beauty salon, gym, home tuition classroom, guest room, sensory room, bedroom, spare room, collectibles room, crafts room, dining area, garden shed partition, storage partition, partition wall, utility room, living space, outdoor living space, annex, granny annex, living quarter's. You name it, we build it!
Having a Serenity Garden Room built is an investment in many ways, but one way to make money from your garden room is to let it out. Many businesses such as bnb's, hotels, and guest houses would greatly benefit from an additional detached living space which can generate anything from £30,000 per annum, depending on location and additional services available. We can put together all the plans for submission to building control and within just 1 year you will have 100% return on your investment.
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We clad all our builds in Western Red Cedar wood. But what is it? This is a timber that comes in varying colour tones such as pinks, browns, creams, slight orange and reddish colours. WRC has a straight grain and is naturally resistant to rot and decay. When worked, the WRC has a strong aroma which is very attractive. Due to its long lasting nature and beautiful appearance, it is our favourite choice of timber cladding. We do supply other timber for cladding too such as birch and siberian larch. We can also source any timber cladding that you prefer.
At Serenity Garden Rooms, all of the timber used for studding, roofing, timber bases and interior walls are tanalised. Tanalised means it has been treated with the trademarked timber preservative Tanalith. The tanalised timber we use is also pressure treated. Pressure treated is where the timber is loaded in to the treatment vessel, an initial vacuum applied to evacuate the air cells within the timber. The vessel is then flooded with Tanalith E preervative and hydraulic pressure is then applied forcing the preservative deeper into the timber. The preservative is then drained and pumped back to storage and the air pressure is returned to normal. The surface solution is drawn into the timber by the low pressure which is then vented and left to dry.


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