A touch of Class

Back in July last year embarked on another one of our beautiful garden room builds and this was the result:


The extravagant build had vertical cladding all round and a complex data cabling installation. We handled the whole lot and our customer was very pleased. Just
read what the customer said about us in their testimonial:

I approached Serenity Garden Rooms along with 3 other suppliers when evaluating who to use for my Garden Room project.

I very quickly narrowed down my selection to 2 providers with Serenity Garden Rooms being in the last 2.

Serenity Garden Rooms was a relatively new business vs a more established competitor and at first I had reservations due to Serenity being very new and just established.

Those reservations disappeared very quickly after meeting Robbie and his team.

I had some pretty bespoke requirements for my Garden Room and I found the other suppliers were not really interested in customisation and if they did it came at a very high price.

Robbie engaged brilliantly and nothing seemed too much trouble. He provided a real custom customer service experience with me choosing lights, wiring layout, window placement and various extras in my build at a very fair and reasonable price for additions.
I ended up with exactly the design of room I required finished with an attention to detail that I can only describe as precision work.

Overall the total cost of my build was slightly cheaper than the competition but for a custom build with an attention to detail that far outweighed the others.

I am using my home office daily and couldn’t be more pleased with the results.

I have had nothing but positive comments from friends and visitors and would have no hesitation whatsoever in recommending Robbie and Serenity Garden Rooms to friends or family.


We started out by laying the concrete base as usual:



This build was extremely fun to do, the customer was fantastic, kept us very hydrated during the hot spell.

The customer was kind enough to send us some additional pictures from the bedroom window, the Serenity Garden Room we built along with the beautiful garden setting makes this one absolutely stunning:

32This building measured
3 x 2.5m.

We embedded data, HDMI and coaxial cables in the wall.


As with all builds we will be happy to show you around this or any of the others we have done.

Thanks for reading :)

A Luxury Garden Office/Music Room

Last year in June, we built this stunning garden room office…



This beautiful room is a fantastic extra outdoor space. Fully insulated, certified RCD protected electrical installation and the customer put a beautiful laminate floor down. We also fitted wider than usual French doors.


As with many of our builds, we lay the concrete base to form the foundations for the garden room to sit on.
Here is the site in which the room was to be built:


Our customer had already done a lot of the hard work, cleared the area, removed the pergola and dug up some of the old coble stones.





We dug out the remaining cobble stones and created a form in which to lay our concrete base.



This concrete base was small enough for us to mix by hand so we just got stuck in and finished this job within a few hours.


The size of this build was 2.7 x 2.5m, you may be thinking, wow thats small, but actually, its the right size for its setting and the customers needs.

The customer and I were really pleased with the results.








Take a look below, this is the testimonial that our customer gave us. We are proud of all the work we do and we do it to the highest standard.


So lets move to an inside view. As you can see from the nextflu1 picture we installed a luxury log burner. We bought a polished chrome double wall insulated flu which looks very nice.
During the build we had some timber off cuts which we left for the customer to use as fuel for the log burner.


fluFrom on top of the roof o the building, this is where the flu pops out.

Just after taking this photo we weather proofed the storm guard with primer and flashing tape that is compatible with our rubber roof system.



This customer, was a pleasure to work for. The customer was knowledgeable and definitive in their requirements which made our life so much easier. We were grateful for their hospitality throughout with lots of tea and biscuits.
A combination of the customer, the build, the weather and the team made this build very enjoyable.