This was our first…



This build is one that is close to our heart. Something of beauty, simplicity, function and elegance.

This first build came with some complications, a large percentage of the Western Red Cedar was of a poor quality and as such we had to order more. We NEVER use poor quality materials. This minor glitch out the way, the great weather, great customer and great time we had building this room made our first build incredibly enjoyable and memorable.


This build had a few extra features.

We installed under floor heating with a digital control panel.
The decking outside was the another addition.
A third window was introduced for extra natural light on the wall that receives the least sunlight.
Lastly, we fitted skirting boards to finish the room off.


At night this is absolutely beautiful, the lighting is something that provides a jaw dropping sight. We install under canopy down lighters and up down wall lights. Any combination of these lights on at night will give a lovely ambient glow to any garden that makes it feel magical.


We actually offer and unlimited number of plug sockets as long as they are white.


The feel inside the garden room is one of a kind. You get the feel of outdoors inside, you feel one with the environment around you. Its your therapeutic escape from life without leaving your own home.


There are many, many uses for a garden room and many of our customers use their garden room for many uses.
This garden room is an Art Studio for a great artist in Oxford. What a beautiful, and relaxing way to find your inner creativity with a dedicated space in which to do so.

Author: Robbie

Robbie Papanagiotou is the founder and director of Serenity Garden Rooms Ltd.

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